Are you interested in sex positive education? Would you like to help change the state of sexuality education in the Newark, NJ community? The Masakhane Center is looking for a few passionate board members to help us with our work. Masakhane is a youth-driven organization promoting happy, healthy outlooks on sex and sexuality. We achieve this through a variety of interactive and innovative sex education programs.


Board members must be able to strongly advocate for sex positive education, racial and reproductive justice, and for people marginalized for their orientations, gender alignments and/or expressions.​


The Board of Directors is responsible for determining and supporting the mission of the Masakhane Center and for raising funds necessary to carry out that mission. The Board sets policy and provides leadership and vision and is accountable for fiscal and strategic oversight. As enthusiastic ambassadors of Masakhane, board members are expected to be committed to and involved in our positive growth and development.

Board members should also be able to see the big picture needs of Masakhane and be willing to engage with the rest of the board in discussions about the organization’s financial health, personnel matters, support and evaluation of the Executive Director, and the overall growth and maintenance of Masakhane.


Serving on the governing board of the Masakhane Center offers many personal benefits and opportunities:

  • Professional development in the non-profit sector

  • Leadership development

  • Making a positive impact in the Newark community

  • Expansion of personal and professional networks


At this time, we are looking to identify candidates with expertise or background in some or all of the following areas:

  • Fundraising – ability to motivate and drive board fundraising as well as provide access to philanthropic networks

  • Grant Writing – experience writing grants and LOIs for smaller organizations

  • Program Development – experience developing sexuality education programs, specifically sex positive education programming



If you are interested, send your resume and cover letter to with the heading Board Membership. Our efforts to fill our board with a well-rounded membership is ongoing. We will contact qualified applicants within a week of receiving your application.


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