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Clean & Comfort: Musings on Toy Cleaners & Lube

I know we are all aware of the world of sex toys, and what they do. Some are the most pleasurable motors in the world, while others are motorless, but nevertheless powerful. When I got my first vibrator, I had no clue wtf I was doing. I knew it felt good, and I knew I would get to my destination, but I was lacking two essential items: toy cleaner and lube. Now you might be thinking that’s a given right? No, not when you are a younger person exploring and figuring out what feels good.

Image of Toy Life Foaming Toy Cleaner pump bottle

Clean it Up

A good toy cleaner is essential when you have toys made of materials like silicone and latex, which can harbor a lot of bacteria. Toy cleaner rids bacteria, dust, and anything that doesn’t belong near vulvas, anuses, penises, and mouths. Using toy cleaner ensures your safety and comfort, and if you are using toys with partners, this ensures their safety and comfort too. In my toy drawer, I have Toy Life’s Foaming Anti-Bacterial All-Purpose Toy Cleaner. I swear by this as it leaves my toys clean and lightly scented. This product is advertised to have natural ingredients but be very careful as certain ingredients can cause an allergic reaction. And if you are not a fan of fragrance or you have sensitive skin, focus your search on fragrance-free toy cleaners. There are numerous toy cleaners on the market, including foams and sprays, that can guarantee a clean toy made of any material.

Lube it Up

Lube, on the other hand, everyone wants her to be just for partnered s3x. Why can't she be used for solo s3x? Lube can make it easier to locate that one spot and can simply provide additional lubrication, even when a vibrator is used externally.Purchasing lube can be a little challenging, if I do say so myself. Lubricants can be classified as silicone-based, oil-based, or water-based. Each of them has unique characteristics, and one person may like using water-based products while another prefers oil-based products. When it comes to water-based lube, I believe myself to be a little bit of an expert, but for others, I conducted some research, and Healthline, an online health and wellness forum, enlightened me A LOT. It is crucial to keep in mind that silicone-based lube can, ironically, damage toys made of silicone and encourage the growth of bacteria. If you are using latex condoms on your toys with yourself or with partners, oil-based lube might reduce the condoms’ functionality and cause rips. If you are using water-based lube, it can become too sticky or too watery. Don’t worry, these lubes have positive qualities too! Oil-based lube can be used as a massage oil, a silicone-based lubricant is good for sensitive skin, and water-based lube is also good for sensitive skin and those new to the toy world. Checking the ingredients is a necessary element of foreplay with any lube. Many of us have sensitive skin, known and unknown allergies, and vulvae/front holes that are prone to bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections. Some of us could also struggle with specific textures or sensations. As a result, find what works best for you and your partners.


My personal recommendation for toy cleaner and water-based lube is from the Toylife. If you need a more comprehensive list during your lube shopping, check out the article from Healthline that I referenced:

If you need a more comprehensive list for your toy cleaner shopping check out this article from Well+Good:

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