What Do People Think Of Us?

Masakhane is amazing and I have learned so much about my body and other people’s! 

Masakhane has taught me a lot about both sexuality and education.

Masakhane uses informal education techniques, like fun activities, games, and honest discussions that put a needed twist of sexuality education. even today, with all the information and research we have about sex and sexuality, most sex ed classes in schools are inadequate and exclusive to many minority communities, including people of color and the queer community. The Masakhane sexuality manual and education techniques recognize the diversity of people and their learning patterns to expose the Newark community to a positive view of sexuality that is both relevant and non-judgmental of their lives. What I enjoyed most about the Masakhane internship is the how it teaches the educators just as much (and maybe more) than the participants in the workshop. Personally, I learned a lot more about minority communities and how to teach about sensitive topics to a group of individuals who have lived very different lives from mine. The lessons and experiences I have had at Masakhane will be something I will take with me throughout my professional career and everyday life.


- ANNA (Summer 2016 Intern)

Masakhane taught me information that I use every day.

My experience interning with Masakhane is always relevant, but it tends to still surprise me with its usefulness. I learned so much about other people, that I almost take for granted the ways Masakhane affected my life. It’s the moments that people my own age, treat situations they encounter in strictly heteronormative ways that I really appreciate not only the information I learned, but the teaching skills that I acquired as well, in order to share that information. I am grateful that Masakhane taught me information that I use every day.


- ALLYSON (Summer 2015 Intern)

I didn’t know exactly what to expect when I applied for the internship at Masakhane.

I’d never done work quite like this before. But from the start, in our intensive trainings, Stephanie helped us feel welcome and cared for, we learned so much, and got to know each other. I also think everyone comes to this internship for their own important reasons — to be together as a group and support each other is really special. Being a part of Masakhane has really helped me understand more about what I might want to do in the future, and ways I can be helpful to communities and young people in my life.


- YUAN (Summer 2016 Intern)

I am eternally grateful to have been given such a wonderful opportunity!

As a prior intern at Masakhane, all I have to say is that I truly miss many of the experiences I had there.  The environment our executive director, Stephanie Franklin, created was absolutely positive, and just generally a safe space for anyone and everyone.  Considering that sexuality as a topic is a bit taboo according to our society's standards, Stephanie trained us to be very open, and understanding to others, and their experiences.  Everything others go through is always valid and accepted.  This morals Stephanie introduced to me will be something I will always carry throughout my lifetime, and the love I have for Masakhane will always exist. 


- AMAIRANY (Spring 2016 Intern)

I just came to this class today for the Masakhane workshop!


- RASHON (12th Grader)

I truly feel like I have a better understanding of how to be safer, healthier, and more inclusive!

They talk about real stuff.  I can’t wait for them to return!


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