This entire experience has been incredibly fulfilling. I am so appreciative of having the opportunity to meet such a beautiful group of people and exchange new information and experiences with them. I’ve not only received an open and sex positive education, but also a great influence on my future career field and the different ways in which one can interact with and facilitate sex education. - Margaret (summer 2020)



I had a wonderful experience. My time with Masakhane gave my summer purpose. I have learned so much! The most important thing that I learned that I will use in my everyday life is inclusive language. I will continue to use inclusive language and encourage others to use this type of language. Masakhane taught me how to look at all the views of a subject and changed my perspective on certain subjects. This was an amazing experience and I will encourage others to intern with Masakhane. - Dyna (summer 2020)



I would say my experience has been eye opening and I am glad I went on this journey with others. - Zamora (summer 2020)



I truly appreciate Stephanie’s easy going nature and constant validation. She’s incredibly understanding of everyone’s personal life occurrences/emotionality regarding lacking the energy to complete certain goals, and I think that’s something a lot of people don’t get to experience in situations like workplace or internship environments.

Jazmin (summer 2020)



My experience at Masakhane has been nothing but positivity. It was such a safe and non-judgmental environment to share, learn, and create. The warmth and comfort is felt almost instantaneously. I've made connections, accomplished goals, and learned more, even about myself! I have learned so much in my time here and I wouldn't trade that for anything. - Tatyana (summer 2020)



Overall, I had a fantastic experience at Masakhane. It is the first internship/work experience that aligns with materials that I actually care for and went to school for. I have had multiple jobs and been part of many organizations to help me define my career path and none of them has helped me like how Masakhane has. I really enjoyed every part of this internship and the people I met. Unfortunately, COVID-19 got in the way but I feel like we still did well virtually. Masakhane is such a beautiful organization and I hate that I found out about it so late. I wish I knew about during my high school years when I was more active in Newark. I had a great experience here and I wish the organization the best. - Lycinda (summer 2020)